Live and Breathe Digital

For executives who require a broad introduction or refresh to the digital space with the opportunity to dive into topics that will be of biggest benefit to them.

An overarching interactive training programme over five sessions, Live and Breathe Digital covers the key topics in Digital today and the emerging channels of tomorrow. 

The programme is comprised of a series of collaborative workshop style sessions for up to 10 participants at a time. Designed to educate participants on the key principals on marketing, business strategy and branding within the context of innovation and competitveness, the programme offers participants with the skills needed for the digital world of today and tomorrow. 

Business Group

Stage1: Digital Mindset

This module focuses on equipping participants with a digital way of thinking.  Using our three-pillar framework, we will

  • Articulate existing and emerging trends in digitally influenced customer behaviour

  • Dive into the commercial environment and opportunity

  • Explore the competitive landscape  

This module enables participants to understand the overall digital landscape and WHY Digital should be used within their own unique contexts.  This module also enables participants to define and prioritise key areas of focus, such as customer experience, product, marketing, CRM and ops.

Business Meeting

Stage 2: Digital Skillset

This module focuses on equipping participants as to HOW digital can address their specific business and marketing objectives and requirements. For each chosen topic, including Business Strategy, Product, Branding and Consumer Engagement, we will work through a series of outcome-led questions and articulate as to how digital can be used to deliver these, as well as providing definitions and practical examples of best practice.

Business Meeting

Stage 3:  Digital Toolset

This module provides an overview on WHAT key proven and emerging tactics / tools are available within the digital space with an emphasis on when and where to best utilise them, the capabilities they provide and the pitfalls to avoid. This module concludes with WHAT NEXT, which is the ability for participants to commit to actionable next steps that they will take to activate digital activity within their organisation to deliver a step change.

The ‘Live and Breathe Digital’ programme is comprised of a series of collaborative workshop style sessions for up to 10 participants at a time designed to accelerate participants digital thinking and provide them with the skills needed to activate best in class digital activations that future-proofs them for the digital world of today and tomorrow.


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