Digital Acceleration Sessions

A series of standalone one day training modules that focus on key topics in the digital and innovation space. Ideal for participants who are interested in specific areas and wish to accelerate their understanding and appreciation about the chosen topics to determine strategically whether these should be applied, and if so how best to plan and implement these to their business.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Module 1: Building a culture of internal innovation

It’s an extraordinary time for innovation. This module explains the principles for how to set a culture of internal innovation  benefit for the business have a place to shine. This module enables participants to understand how to:

  • Build an accelerator programme where business challenges have the opportunity to be solved with new ideas

  • Develop an optimum environment for innovation to ensure that key stakeholders have the ability to share ideas 

  • Break down walls internally so that business units aren’t working on concepts in silo’s 

  • Action the next steps internally to begin developing their own culture of innovation

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Module 2: Delivering a successful digital transformation programme

Up to 75% of Digital Transformation efforts fail in implementation. Based on practical experience delivering a Digital Transformation programmes, this course discuss in details:

  • How to set a Digital Transformation vision for the whole business

  • How to deliver a Digital Transformation business case

  • How to align multiple stakeholders across multiple divisions to aim towards delivering one centralised vision

  • How to break down tasks and goals across multiple stakeholders

  • How to set, manage and report progress and milestones


Module 3: Innovation process management

Every organisation has a desire to provide new ways of reaching and servicing both their existing and the next generation of customers. This module will enable participants to understand:

  • The best model for team and operational setup to address the key changes that need to be made

  • How to develop an innovation sandpit where concepts can be explored and modelled

  • How to create an innovation programme, a roll out plan to scale innovation and to integrate it across the business

  • The pitfalls to avoid, the KPI’s to measure its effectiveness and key next steps

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Module 4: Hear my voice - the rise of Voice and how business can capitalise on it

In 2017, 20% of all Google searches were carried out via voice and as of early 2018, 10% of UK households had a voice enabled home assistant or device. This module prepares participants for a voice first world and will cover:

  • The growth in voice and the main players in the ecosystem

  • The differences between Google actions and Amazon skills - how to approach them

  • Building an Action or Skill and/or focus on VSO (Voice Search Optimisation)?

  • How to structure online content to enable it be ranked as the most relevant result for a voice search

  • Define next steps and how to get started

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Module 5: Blockchain: myths, realities and the practical applications

70% of organisations are currently exploring Blockchain and the opportunity it provides to their business. This modules will enable participants to:

  • Understand the principles of Blockchain and its practical uses

  • Separate risks, opportunities, myths and realities

  • Decipher the change needed within the organisation as to how to implement it

  • Work out whether you should implement it and how to get started

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Module 6: Digital product development:  how to develop a digital product that your audience loves as much as you do

Based on a process that has conceived apps and digital products for some of the worlds biggest organisations, this module enables participants to:

  • Define a product that fulfills both the business and customer requirements

  • Turn requirements into feature set that excite the customer and deliver on business goals; prioritise for a phased launch

  • Define product ownership so that the product vision is adhered to from concept through to launch

  • Plan next steps

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Module 7: Data driven marketing in a post GDPR world

Launched on 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation impacts every type of organisation that uses data. This module will enable participants to:

  • Get to grips with GDPR and its implications

  • Examine the different sources of market data and the implications GDPR has had on them

  • Understand the tactics to deal with GDPR and the types and sources of data they’re utilising

  • Create an action plan for the steps they need to take within the organisation


Module 8: Location, location, location

In 2018, 70% of Mobile and Digital focused media campaigns will include a location-based component. We will cover:

  • How major companies gather and use consumer location data for targeting and measurement

  • How to measure the success of location based campaigns (footfall in-store / in-dealership)

  • Measuring ROI of OOH, Desktop and TV campaigns using location based digital attribution

  • Key players in the space and best in-market case studies

  • Action plan and next steps


Module 9: Digital attribution:  How to measure the success of your digital campaigns and the KPI’s that matter

By 2020 Digital media ad spend is forecast to be 50% of overall media spend. Having the right metrics in place is crucial to the ongoing success of your media activity. This module will enable participants to:

  • Understand the tools available that allow you to measure the success of your digital campaigns

  • Understand the different measures for success and build these into your campaign measurement framework

  • Define benchmarks for success to ensure you are beating the market and industry averages

  • Define next steps

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Module 10: App promotion:  Why ‘build it and they will come’ isn’t enough

US adults spend 50% of their digital time consuming content in-app. More and more companies complete and the volume of new apps released continues to accelerate. This modules covers:

  • How to be laser-focused with customer acquisition strategy

  • Which tools to enable media channels optimisation to deliver the highest value customers

  • Which CRM tools to use to drive ongoing app engagement

  • Which paid and owned channels/tactics deliver the best ROI

  • Action plan and next steps


Module 11: Programmatic Media: What the future holds

In 2017, 79% of all UK Digital Display ad spend was bought programmatically and that figure is forecast to increase to 86.5% by 2019. This module enables participants to understand:

  • The principles of Programmatic Media Planning and Buying

  • Risks and benefits around transparency, accountability and the major pitfalls

  • Programmatic ecosystem (DMP, DSP, SSP, Header Bidding etc); how it is used for Digital OOH and Connected TV

  • Major players in the industry and their relative pro’s and con’s

  • If it is a solution to in-house or outsource, and the options available

  • Action planning and next steps

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Module 12: Digital Video advertising: Principles to drive engagement in the age of new TV

Online video is now the fastest growing advertising format and in 2017 accounted for 35% of all online display ad spend. This module will enable participants to:

  • Fully understand the online video advertising environment

  • Examine best in class executions and the principles for how effective online video differs from linear TV ads

  • Understand the principles of the most effective ads across desktop and mobile

  • How to develop world class video executions across core digital platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram

  • Measure their effectiveness and the core KPI’s and metrics that matter

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Module 13: An Amazonian future: How to operate as a marketer within the world of Amazon

In 2018, Amazon’s ad revenue is forecast to reach $4.5 billion, a 61% increase from $2.8 billion in 2017 and are strongly expected to begin challenging the digital duopoly of Google and Facebook. This module covers:

  • How to get the best out of Amazon ecosystem, and the tools and creative executions available

  • Case studies of successful Amazon Media campaigns from the world’s leading brands

  • How to become the Amazon Choice (the brand Amazon recommend when there’s a generic product search term)

  • How to market to Alexa and deliver best in market Voice Search Optimisation

  • Next steps

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Module 14: B2B marketing in an always on world

B2B marketing in the digital age requires firms to implement a structured operation with sound digital capability. 80% of B2B buyers do not need to engage with a sales person prior to shortlisting. This module covers:

  • Impactful branding in a B2B context can enable them to develop a huge competitive advantage

  • Holistic advertising strategy to generate product awareness, demand and leads

  • Using social media to foster a positive B2B ecosystem

  • Design an end-to-end data and lead management process

  • Measurement methodologies and best practices

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Module 15: How to map a customer journey and build a single customer view

Understanding the customer journey, preferences and forms of interactions across multiple brand touchpoints has long been a holy grail for marketeers. This module covers:

  • Mapping out a customer journey across physical, digital, social and mobile-first touchpoints

  • Different forms of interactions consumers display across these channels

  • Delivering a consistent brand experience across multiple channels

  • New generation of platforms, tools and databases that enable a single customer view 

  • The KPI’s that matter and how to measure and optimise towards them


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