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The world is changing.  The rapid growth of digital is impacting almost every type of business, causing disruption at a rate never before seen in history.  This change can either be seen as a grave threat or a once in a lifetime opportunity.  For brave organisations that want to understand how to embrace the opportunity this shift to digital is causing, you are not alone, Innovation Nation is a training organisation tailored for you.


Training Modules

Our courses are developed by digital and innovation business and marketing specialists with decades of combined experience driving change for some of the biggest organisations around the world.  The programmes are designed around a collaborative bespoke curriculum that helps participants to pinpoint how technology can be used to aid the specific needs of their organisation and the various departments and executives within it. 


Ideal for executives who require a broad introduction or refresh to the digital space with the opportunity to dive into topics that will be of biggest benefit to them.

This is an overarching training programme, broken into 3 modules over five sessions. Live and Breathe Digital covers the key topics in Digital today and the emerging channels of tomorrow. This is an interactive training programme designed to educate participants on the key principals on marketing, business strategy and branding in the digital age and how to apply them to their business.

A series of specialised one day training modules that provides participants with deep dives into key topics in the digital and innovation space.

Covering topics such as Voice, AR, VR and digital product development, the acceleration sessions enable participants to gain a detailed understanding of the most exciting emerging digital initiatives and practises in the market and understand how they can be best applied to their business.

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